T-Wolf Rank: #7: Brandon Roy

This is the seventh post in a series here on Howlin’ T-Wolf ranking the Timberwolves roster player-by-player. Ideally, Derek, Tom or Jonah will post a new player everyday for 13 days. As always, you can follow Jonah (@howlintwolf) Derek (@DerekJamesNBA) and Tom (@Tom_NBA) on Twitter as well.

I feel like when I gave my ranking of Brandon Roy for #TwolfRank that it was much lower than Tom or Jonah would have. Actually, I was told I had him too low based on what he had accomplished in his career to-date. Don’t get me wrong; I love Brandon. But his knees are bone on bone! And besides, it’s going to be weird seeing Brandon in a non-Blazers uniform. Maybe the way I’m viewing Brandon Roy is no different than I would someone who, say, just got out of a long relationship.

You know that while they may be happy with you, they may still dream about their Ex once every few weeks. Deep down, you always know that their heart will always be there (Portland). You also know that they still have family (fans, teammates, friends…etc.) that you’re going to have to run in to and have to hear about all of their glory days with them. Making sure you can deal with that in itself is important to being happy with that person, or in this case, player.

After all, no one likes to feel like they’re a rebound (pun intended) or someone’s stepping stone on the way to something greater.

But that’s all a part of the uncertainty that comes along with starting over. There is a risk that comes with investing your trust and faith when you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that things could go wrong at any moment. All it takes is a freak collision, peculiar misstep, or awkward landing, and suddenly you’re right back to where you started. Sometimes that means putting your heart on the line, and sometimes it’s $10 million dollars, or even both, I suppose.

At the same time, you cannot move forward while dwelling on the past, either. Yes, the logical part of your brain tells you not to get to close because you’re all but certain you know how things will end, but your heart tells you that there could be a chance for something special. Could the same player whose production fell in half as his body gave out from under him have anything left to give? In the same way that a person takes some time to themselves for some introspection and soul-searching, Brandon took a year off and get that nifty platelet surgery.

Isn’t it all we want is for someone to give us a chance to prove that we have something left to give, offer, or benefit somebody else’s life? Few things in life are worse than being counted out before you’ve even had a chance to begin. That’s just want Brandon wants, too: another shot at basketball. If people put forth as much effort in their personal lives as Brandon has in his comeback, there’d be more happy people on this earth.

Alas, sometimes you have to see something to believe it, and for that doubt to be erased. I want Brandon Roy to remove many of these reservations, and be successful. For the sake of his friends, family, and fans, I don’t want to get in too deep and see anyone get hurt. It won’t be much longer before we find out just what the next chapter of Brandon Roy brings, and I’m eager to find out. If you’re like me, you may think you know how the story ends, but then again, you never see a good (or good-bad) twist coming.

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