Glen Taylor likes telling stories

Reporters really like when people within an organization will tell them juicy bits of gossip because juicy gossip drives traffic, especially online. And this offseason, Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor has been serving up juicy tidbits like reporters are tiny children wearing sheets with eyeholes, holding their hollow plastic pumpkins out for tootsie rolls.

In some cases, this is fine. Dish on Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph all you want…they are both gone. Dish on Darko being a problem in the locker room, since we could all see it on the bench anyway. But when Taylor starts saying things about players who are currently on the roster, well, I get a little worried.

From the Minnesota Post:

“Brandon Roy, you might think that is the coach, but that is more David. I think it is David saying, ‘Let give this player to Rick and get the backup in place in case it doesn’t work out.’ Because Rick keeps saying to me, ‘I don’t know if he can play!’ And I tell him, ‘Rick, I don’t know if he can play either!’ So the Brandon Roy thing is a risk.”

You should go read the whole link. There is so much more interesting stuff in that article, including thoughts on some of our dearly departed players from last season and the reasons Nic Batum wanted to play for the Wolves (hint: the reasons’ last names are Love and Rubio).

But should Taylor be telling reporters that Adelman wasn’t sold on Roy? He’s already a complete wildcard this season. Do we really want to add his coach’s lack of confidence? Does he need to be hearing his team’s owner saying “The Brandon Roy thing is a risk”?

Also of note: Adelman, one of the best coaches in the NBA, wasn’t sold on Roy while Kahn, author of such hits as Darko’s four year deal and Wes Johnson over DeMarcus Cousins, really wanted to bring Roy in. Awesome. I feel better about the deal already.

In all seriousness, this particular story probably won’t mean anything in the long run. Roy is a professional, and he probably understands that, given his shaky health situation, a lot of teams would (and did) hesitate before signing him. But I am a little worried that Taylor, who seems to be checking out of the whole T-Wolves situation, might say something dumb that gets someone upset.

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I know! Let's put a gag order on your GM and then turn around 2 years later and reveal more than he ever did. /facepalm