Brandon Roy KFAN Interview Recap

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New Wolves guard Brandon Roy joined  Paul Allen on KFAN for a few minutes Tuesday morning to discuss a number of things. Instead of live-tweeting, I decided it would be easier to do things this way: in a blog post. Roy divulged some good info on his health, role, and even how much we can expect to see of him this season. If you missed the interview, scroll down.

(All quotes are pretty accurate, but I did have to paraphrase in some places.)

The first question PA had for Brandon was how his knees were doing, to which he replied, “Knees have been great. We’ve been going at it for about five days for 3 hours at a time.” From there he said that he feels good coming out of camp and was excited to play a game Wednesday.

With all of the fresh faces on the roster, Adelman has been mixing up lineups, and Brandon in particular mentioned that he’s been seeing time with Nikola Pekovic and Kevin Love. Brandon praised the roster, and talked about building those friendships off of the court to grow the chemistry on court, and added, “We got a lot of really good pieces along with the guys who were here last year. We’re just trying to build chemistry as soon as possible…we got a lot of guys.”

Brandon spoke highly of Derrick Williams and Ricky Rubio when he was asked of them. Although he did say that while Williams is talented, the team needs him to be aggressive, and that he told Derrick just to focus on being effective regardless of what position he plays. As far as Rubio, he talked about how his hustle and unselfishness rubs off on teammates and makes them want to follow suit.

Probably my favorite part of the interview was when he was asked about his role on the season and how he expects to help the team.

We all know that Rick Adelman decried the lack of ballhandlers on last year’s team,  but it sounds like he already trusts Brandon with it, and Brandon mentioned that he can see playing the 1-3 positions. Brandon mentioned that he can create pick ‘n’ rolls and create off of the dribble.

When Allen asked if he could still get to the line Brandon said, “If I wasn’t able to get to the basket and create, [or draw fouls] I wouldn’t have made this comeback. Fouls shots can help separate our team.” He said that aspect is a huge part of his game and doesn’t want to become a jump shooter.

Brandon added — and this was neat to hear him talk about how exactly he sees himself in the offense– that with the way Rubio and JJ Barea draw defenses in he’s not sure how many three pointers he sees himself taking, and that you’ll probably see him (and others) with more catch-and-shoot opportunities than the past. On top of having gifted passers throughout the roster like Love, Kirilenko and Rubio, there should be some good shots available this season.

As far as a minutes restriction, Brandon said they haven’t talked about it yet but, “I’ve been asked this question since I came to town. Me and coach are gonna talk about it. I’m gonna have to bump him on the shoulder [to discuss it]. I wanna keep it in-house to make sure teams don’t know, ‘Brandon’s on a minute limit…’” As he wrapped up, he added that Adelman is the biggest reason he came here and trusts him and that it’s a long season and he’s coming off of a knee injury. I liked that he added that he understood that because it’s seemed that Brandon has let his competitive spirit override concern for his health in the past.

Anyway, Brandon mentioned a lot of good stuff, and I for one am excited to see him in action. It’s taken a while, but I’m finally optimistic about Brandon’s season. Brandon’s attitude and talent are going to be good for this team. He also seems to have a good balance between competitor and being a good teammate, which isn’t easy for every player to manage.

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I'll be rooting for him.  I hated the way he went out last season--only 27yo and forced to retire.  I'll be pulling for him to make a solid comeback.