Where in the world is Nikola Pekovic? Probably lifting weights

Internet journalism is finding a YouTube video of a Google+ Hangout of Nikola Pekovic and screenshotting an appropriate image. You’re welcome.

Y’all already knew Nikola Pekovic is strong. That’s obvious in any picture/video available on Google Images or YouTube. It’s obvious when you watch him plant his ass on the block and go nowhere despite his defender’s fruitless attempts to move him, even if that defender happens to be Andrew Bynum or a similarly robost adversary. It’s obvious when you watch him fight a viking battle and pillage a village all by himself, picking up villagers in each of his mighty hands and throwing them into the river. I mean, it’s a bummer that your husband got carried downstream for several miles and won’t be back until next week, but you should have known not to mess with Pek on a Monday. Pek HATES Mondays.

Anyway, reports started trickling onto Twitter a couple of weeks ago that Pek had arrived at camp looking fit and super ripped, and last night we got an early look at just how ripped Pek is. It’s pretty awesome. You can look at the picture above for further evidence, but I should warn you (in fact, I probably should have warned you earlier): it’s not for the faint of heart.

The implications of this rippedness could be very important to Pek’s continued development. He is already a force at center, but this new build should give him additional quickness and mobility, making him even more dangerous on the block and quicker operating out of the pick and roll. Basically, he’ll still be Pek, just a better, more athletic version of Pek.

None of this should REALLY come as a surprise. We could see from last year’s incredible improvement that Pek is a hard worker and that he loves basketball, so we probably could have guessed that he would come into camp in excellent shape. But in a world full of Rasheed Wallaces and Andray Blatches, it’s always nice when a player arrives fit and ready to ball, even if we could have seen it coming.

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