Audio: Derek Talks Timberwolves on KNSI


Whether you were in bed, getting ready to watch the Gophers game, or completely forgot and missed my radio appearance on AM 1450 KNSI (St. Cloud) on Saturday morning, you can now go back and listen to it. I’d say that I joined Notch (We go back to our 612 Sports days.) and Wood on the Benchwarmers Show at 10:45 sharp, but there were some technical difficulties, so the segment is a little shorter.

Anyway, we talked knuckle pushups, Derrick Williams, the schedule without Love and Rubio, and playoff odds. And I didn’t say “er”, “um”, or stammer at all!

You can stream the segment down below by clicking on the link.


Anyway, be sure to follow Notch on Twitter (@Notch17) and check out the Benchwarmers show page.

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