Timberwolves help to take care of a big…er…dedicated fan

Vovkovinskiy being fitted for his shoes.

It’s always nice, as a fan, to hear about an organization taking care of their fans, so you may remember this story about Igor Vovkovinskiy (yes, I had to look twice to spell it right), the tallest man in the United States.

A lifelong Timberwolves fan since his parents moved to Minnesota to be closer in proximity to the Mayo Clinic, Vovkovinskiy was set up with a box office seat to watch the Wolves take on the Warriors last year. Yeah, it’s pretty nice that nobody had to sit behind this guy at a game, but it’s even more great to hear that he will be able to attend Wolves games in the future, because for a long while, it was difficult for Vovkovinskiy to walk more than two blocks.

See, being super tall SOUNDS cool, but the reality is height to Vovinskiy’s extreme comes with a whole set of nasty side effects. Igor’s feet, for example, were constantly changing in size because of the weight pressing down on his arches. Insurance companies, a notoriously difficult bunch to work with, denied Vovkovinskiy’s repeated requests for shoes that would allow him to walk normally, shoes that would allow him to have fewer surgeries and a more comfortable life. So Vovkovinskiy tried to go around the insurance companies.

From Yahoo Sports:

Seeking a solution, Vovkovinskiy started a Facebook fundraising campaign to try to get enough cash together for the shoes; after word of his plight spread via social media, news reports and television coverage, donations flooded in, giving him double the necessary amount and even resulting in footwear maker Reebok offering to offer to set him up for free. They flew him from Minnesota to their Canton, Mass., offices in May, scanned his unique feet and created custom molds for the sneakers, then covered the cost of producing the one-of-a-kind items.

No kudos to the hating-ass insurance companies. Lots of kudos to the Wolves for getting Vovkovinskiy’s story some publicity, even more kudos to Reebok for hooking him up for free (the shoes, reportedly, are worth more than $25,000), and the most kudos to the Vovkovinskiy himself for finally getting something nice on his feet.

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