Kevin Lo-…err…”Wes” makes an appearance in “Uncle Drew 2”

Pepsi released the Uncle Drew advertisement about five months ago, hoping to make a pretty funny video go viral, and sure enough, it totally did. Now they are back for round two, and we are happy to pass along this video, like the corporate tools that we are.

This IS pretty entertaining, although it lacks the magic of the series’ first installment. Kyrie Irving is back as Uncle Drew, but this time he has a pick and roll partner, a step-back shooting, poster-dunk slamming shelf-stocker named Wes.

I won’t ruin the “Who is Wes?” surprise, because you totally have no idea (hint: it’s not Wes Johnson). Just know that he’s one of two star power forwards in the NBA most likely to plaster themselves all over every silly marketing campaign they possibly can (the other one’s name rhymes with Glake Briffin). Also, this is a Timberwolves blog, so there’s that hint too.

Anyway, enjoy the video:

Uncle Drew Chapter 2

I just have three things to say:

  1. Kyrie’s move at 3:00 is STRAIGHT. FILTHY.
  2. How did they convince Bill Russell to participate in this?
  3. If that last dunk is how Kevin Love broke his hand, I’ll understand why he wanted to cover it up with that whole “knuckle pushups crushed my hand” thing, as opposed to “I was filming a Pepsi commercial and I dunked on some poor sap playing pick-up at the park.” Somehow the knucks sound more respectable.

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