Typical Florida: Timberwolves-Magic Preview

Where: Target Center

When: 7pm

See It: FSN

Hear It: WCCO AM 830

I have a bone to pick with you, Florida. No, it’s not about your sunny skies, white sandy beaches or the bikini clad ladies that grace them. Heck, even your state taxes are pretty neat. Instead, we need to talk about something things that have been bugging all of us; not just me.

This is about the incredibly inconsiderate way you cause every election to drag out because, “Oh hey, we’re just waiting on that damn peninsula…again.” Let me ask you: how many elections have you been a part of? I know you’re not new, so it can’t be the lack of experience. Is it the counting? Because basic addition isn’t hard; even for my six year old cousin. Last night was the perfect example! We waited and waited for you to get your votes together, but you still had people voting that were still in line from when the polls closed, so we called the election without you.

And this happens every four years! Floridians must be the only people who become less efficient with electronic advances, my word.

You’re like that friend that shows up late to a big dinner that tells us to wait to order and that you’d be there in 5 minutes. Except, 5 minutes passed a half hour ago, and we order without you there because we know you’re just gonna roll in and say, “I’m not that hungry anymore.” Florida, we didn’t even need you to decide the President of the United States for the next four years, because we have you figured out and could just decide for you.

You know what else we don’t like about you? The Magic.

Inexplicably, they’re 2-1 with an offense that featured Glen Davis taking 23shots per game, and they lost that game Tuesday to the Bulls by six points after trading a top-5 player for nickels and dimes on the dollar. Oh, and they’re inexplicably 2nd in Offensive Rating and 4th in Defensive Rating before the Bulls game. Yeah, it’s three games, but this still shouldn’t be happening!

What makes all of this more stupefying is that Al Harrington and Hedo Turkoglu are out while Moe Harkless and Jameer Nelson are questionable. At this point, I don’t even know how they get out of bed in the morning, but they do, and they do unbelievably well.

Despite all of that, there’s still the chance E’Twaun Moore, JJ Redick and Arron Afflalo tee-off on the Wolves from three all night. Or at least they’ll try to if they watch any of the footage of the Timberwolves’ previous games. Which won’t be so bad if Chase Budinger and Brandon Roy didn’t leave their jumpshots in Brooklyn and they can offset some of the damage.

At least it’ll be fun to watch Gustavo Ayon and Redick go against the Wolves bench unit that’s carried them to two wins without their best players.

Still, they’re on the second night of a back-to-back, coming off a loss and a rash of injuries. For the Timberwolves this is either a trap game or the perfect opportunity to prove that they’re surely figuring out just how all of these new pieces fit. And please, don’t get down by 20…ever. Mark my words, Florida—if the Magic pull any stunts, like an upset, you may as well just secede from the union altogether, because we’re sick of your act.


Luke Ridnour – G – E’Twaun Moore

Brandon Roy – G – Arron Afflalo

Derrick Williams – F – Dequan Jones

Andrei Kirilenko – F – Glen “Big Baby” Davis

Nikola Pekovic – C – Nikola Vucevic


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