Kevin Love will return tonight, start against Denver

“You. I’ve got a surprise for YOU.” -Kevin Love

I was just minding my own business, chillin’ on Twitter before tonight’s game starts when all of a sudden Jon Krawczynski went all Adrian Wojnarowski on us DROPPED THE BOMBSHELL OF ALL BOMBSHELLS DOWN FROM ON HIGH.

From Krawczynski’s twitter:

Hey everyone … You might want to change your plans and get down to Target Center for a big surprise tonight …

BREAKING: Kevin Love is a surprise activation tonight for #Twolves vs. #Nuggets. He will start the game.

First of all: wow. Second of all: HKSDFJFKSDJADFSKCJHSKSD!!!!!!1!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!

This is completely awesome. This is completely unexpected. This is at least one, maybe two weeks sooner than even an optimist would have predicted. This is…a tiny bit worrisome for that reason.

But screw that, this isn’t about negativity. Not tonight. This is about optimism and something awesome FINALLY breaking Minnesota’s way.

Seriously, I can’t get over how random this is. Kevin Love is back, guys. He might be rusty tonight, but frankly just having him on the court is cake, and the rest is icing.

Welcome back Kevin. We literally could not be more excited.

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