Because Some Things Are and Some Things Are Not: Timberwolves-Warriors Preview


Where: Oracle Arena

When: 9:30pm

See It: FSN

Hear It: WCCO AM 830

One of my favorite Louis C.K. bits is an older one in which he’s talking to his daughter, and she asks him one simple question. However, in the sketch, Louis’ daughter is never content with the answer she’s given and asks “Why?” to each response. As C.K. mentions, she’s not content with just hearing that she can’t go outside because it’s raining, she has to ask why. Louis continues to attempt to placate her with each passing “why” by sputtering out sentence fragments about how the water cycle works before saying, “I don’t know.” To which he’s met with another “why”.

As the sketch winds down, C.K gets more and more frustrated, with the end playing out like this:

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“Because I didn’t pay attention in school…”


” “Because smoked too much pot in high school.”


“Because I didn’t have a strong foundation”


“Because my parents conceived me in the back of a car.”


“Because they had no morals.”


“Because they had s—ty parents.”


“Because we’re alone in the universe!”


“Because some things are, and some things are not!”

And that last line is how I feel about trying to analyze tonight’s game against the Warriors. For instance, the Blazers were supposed to be one of the worst defensive teams in the league, yet the Wolves shot just .410/.167/.757, totaling just 95 points, and committing more turnovers than their opponent. Conversely, the Timberwolves were supposed to be one of the league’s best teams in Opponent’s Field Goal Percentage, but the Blazers wound up shooting .538/.440/.444.


Well, because Kevin Love is back and the team is trying to adjust from being a scrappy “sum of the parts” team, to a Love-centric team, and that’s going to take a few games to develop that chemistry again.



Seriously, I’d watched the Blazers, and looked at the stats all season. I thought I knew what to expect and yet, we got the exact opposite of that. It’s as if all of the Wolves’ offensive and defensive metrics are for a completely different team. For instance, I could tell you that the Warriors are ranked 24th in Opp. PPG, but the Wolves could come out and score 87 points. Sure, there are off-nights, but that would make for a couple in a row now, telling me that they’re in an adjustment phase.

The Wolves’ wounds were rather self-inflicted last night. They couldn’t shoot the three ball (at all), yet they took eighteen but only made three. The ball movement wasn’t there and they lost the assist battle 24-15. This tells me that ceased moving the ball around to work for the best shot, and relied on the three ball far too much. Live by the three, die by the three, amirite?

The Warriors are also coming off of a loss and will be on the second night of a back-to-back after losing in Denver on Friday night. Well, there goes the “But we had to travel!” excuse. So, Golden State won’t have fresh legs like the Timberwolves, but they do have home court advantage.

Starting Fives:

Luke Ridnour – PG – Steph Curry

Malcolm Lee – SG – Klay Thompson

Andrei Kirilenko – SF – Harrison Barnes

Kevin Love – PF – David Lee

Nikola Pekovic – C – Festus Ezeli

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