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Well, judging by the current state of the team and the number of DNP-CD’s that Derrick Williams has recorded this season, it’s about time to consider what will come of the former second overall pick just two summers ago. Here are some fun mock up trade ideas for the Wolves to explore as the calendar year comes to a close and the trade deadline looms.

This deal aims at fixing the depth issue at the shooting guard. Not saying that Alexey Shved hasn’t been anything but excellent but considering the Roy experiment has not turned out like most had hoped and Malcolm Lee has suffered his own knee issues, the Wolves need someone else to hold their own at the 2-spot. Thornton gives the Wolves a scoring guard who can either start or come off the bench. Either or, one thing is for sure: Dude can score. The reason the Wolves don’t do this deal is the fact that losing JJ Barea is actually a real loss. Isaiah Thomas is not what he was last season and no where near what Barea has provided so far this season. Before we get too carried away on potential trades, let’s also consider the fact that the draft is coming up soon, and dozens of elite college players will be available. You can get the best NCAA Basketball odds and news by checking

Hmmm… It’s no secret that Chandler Parsons would be welcomed here with open arms, especially now that Chase Budinger will be out until March or even further. Andrei Kirilenko, as good as he is, has an injury-riddled past and having a true option other than Josh Howard would be reassuring. Royce White, though? Hey! Who knows?! He’s a Minnesota native, would be close to home. It could be the safe-haven he needs to jumpstart his NBA career but that’s a real wildcard. It would hurt to lose Luke Ridnour but I feel like he’d be necessary to get this deal done because the Rockets could use the depth.

Hands down my favorite deal has the ultimate cost-reward exchange for the Wolves. Larry Sanders is a monster in the paint. The Wolves are still probably one big man short of solidifying a great front court and Sanders would surely be that guy. Many might look at this and say, “Why aren’t we getting JJ Redick?” As much as we could use him, the Bucks need him to sweeten the deal on their end because they are struggling to find another shooter outside of Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis. For the Magic, I also threw in the Memphis 1st rounder that the Wolves own in case they’re looking continue their rebuilding through the draft. A youngster and potential powerhouse in Williams and an extra pick might be worth dodging Redick’s contract and Andrew Nicholson’s low ceiling.

Now, I want you all to come up with your own trade ideas, preferably finding a new home for Williams. Keep ’em realistic and share on Twitter @howlintwolf


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