Short-handed; Wolves lose 104-94

Vasquez's double-double leads Hornets past Wolves

AK47 was aggressive on the offensive end last night

Two Positives:

Jonah: The Timberwolves have proven time and time again that when they go to Nikola Pekovic early in the first they establish a pace their game and offensive pace. He jumpstarted the Wolves to a 29-14 lead in the first with his dominating post presence. After that, Pek sat down a while, the Wolves lost their mojo in the paint and the rest is history.

Tom: I asked Jonah if I could watch an entire season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and recap that instead of re-watching the Wolves game, and he said yes. I don’t know if he MEANT yes or not, but frankly, I don’t care.

In this episode: Mac and Dennis ride around in wheelchairs in an attempt to get girls to sleep with them out of sympathy. Hilarity ensues.

In the NEXT episode: Luke Ridnour hit a bunch of shots and scored 20 points!

Two Negatives:

Jonah: Despite the shortcomings of the Timberwolves’ bench — players and Adelman alike — it’s going to be very hard moving forward when winnable games (such as last night’s against the Hornets) fall out of your reach. If the Wolves have any lick of hope to make the playoffs with the barrage of injuries they’ve endured, these are the games that become must wins. Last night they failed to play all four quarters and paid the ultimate price: an ugly loss on the schedule.

Tom: In this episode: Charlie pretends to have cancer to try to hook up with the coffee barista he has had a crush on for a very long time. Mac and Dennis pay her a bunch of money to convince her to sleep with Charlie. Hilarity ensues.

In the NEXT episode: Pick a number between 1-4. Got it? Cool, now pick a number between 16-22. Got that one? Alright. Now take your first number, put a dash after it, and insert the second number at the end. Your number should now look something like this: 4-18. This random number generator is designed to imitate the projected number of 3-pointers Minnesota will hit and attempt in any given game. We hope you enjoyed your simulation.

Two Observations:

Jonah: Andrei Kirilenko did a very good job of moving without the ball and staying aggressive. That’s what helped him see 10 FT attempts.

Tom: In this episode: The gang tries to reclaim their bar from an Israeli man who owns half of their bar due to a zoning mistake. Also Frank and Charlie. Hilarity ensues.

In the NEXT episode: In a very strange turn of events, Derrick Williams scored  three tough field goals and missed all four of his jumpers. He also drew two fouls when he went to the hoop. It’s weird, it’s almost like he should stop shooting and try to get to the hoop more.

Next up: The Wolves continue their road streak on Sunday at San Antonio.

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