Kevin Love officially ready to go under the knife

Kevin Love goes under the knife tomorrow

The Minnesota Timberwolves report that Kevin Love is undergoing surgery tomorrow to repair the third and fourth metacarpals on his right hand that he injured over a week ago in Denver. Recovery time is estimated between 8-10 weeks.

Interestingly enough — and incredibly ironic but still very sad — Love’s original doctor, Andrew Weiland, M.D. at New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery, was unavailable when Love originally sustained the injury. That’s the reason for such a long delay on the surgery among others. But the other interesting development is that he’s not even performing the surgery anymore. No, actually, Dr. Michelle Carson will now work on Love, which leads me to question why the decision to switch surgeons happened this late. Obviously the Wolves are in no rush to get Love back onto the court but why not rush to at least get to the rehab, the most important aspect of the injury?

Also, Malcolm Lee will undergo his second surgery in just three days to repair both his hip and knee that will have him out the rest of the year. Lee has been constantly troubled with injuries since joining the Wolves in 2011 and now faces a long road ahead to rehabilitate to get back to playing at a pro level.

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