Two halves, four quarters; Wolves lose 104-96

Cup check!

Sorry for the delay on the recap. Derek James is the one to blame.

Two Positives:

Jonah: Yesterday might’ve been the first time this season that Derrick Williams put together the most complete, polished game on the offensive end. He evenly distributed his attempts from deep to mid-range to the rim and was awfully effective from all areas. I was thoroughly impressed with his aggressiveness in driving to the hoop, not letting a dunk attempt pass by. The dunk to end the first half that left Williams on his knees, grasping his Family Jewels, was ferocious, and the slam that was unfortunately negated by a reviewed shot clock violation was the best basketball play I’ve ever seen from him before. More games like these will definitely change fans’ minds about Williams trade scenarios, which makes it all the more disappointing that they’re likely to come true.

Tom: Rubio is still clearly struggling with his athleticism, but he’s starting to do some of the things we so desperately missed from him. For example: 

Dear Al Horford: It’s ok. You aren’t the first one to get completely turned around by Ricky. Just walk it off. Of course, Al would get his revenge…(see my negative)

Two Negatives:

Jonah: It’s hard not to ignore the Wolves’ second half. They’ve played a majority of this season with an interesting mentality, one that seems to neglect the fact that basketball is made up of two halves, four quarters, and not one quarter is more important than the other; each quarter demands a taxing effort from both teams in order to award one victorious. Yet the Wolves seem to think that the first half is all that matters. Once the second begins, they’re hustle and effort, especially on the defensive end, pretty much fly out the door. Credit is certainly due for the Hawks, who shot a ridiculous 73% from the floor in the second half. But the Wolves’ defensive intensity can attest to the Hawks’ improbable second half comeback.

Tom: Not only did the Hawks hit twice as many 3-pointers as the Wolves, but they also won points in the paint (are you ready?) 50-24. Al Horford was like that guy who you hate playing pick-up against because he’s so clearly better than everyone else, but he still feels the need to exert his dominance. WE GET IT DUDE, YOU ARE BETTER. CUT IT OUT.

Two Observations:

Jonah: Greg Stiemsma likes to think he’s a shooter. He flings this flat-footed mid-ranger that looks like it’s never going in nearly every time. He went just 1-5 from mid-range, proving that he’s not our answer from that spot.

Tom: After the first half, I had to go to class. I was pretty happy to go, thinking I’d come home and watch the Wolves wrap up a good win. This is sustainable, I thought. Lots of twos, not many threes, this could be good. I was, evidently, very mistaken.

Next up: Wolves come home for a game against the Nets on Wednesday, 7 pm.

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