“Change this face. Be happy. Enjoy!”

Words of wisdom that couldn’t come from anyone sweeter. Ricky Rubio’s not always Mr. Nice Guy (No, not that one). He has a fiery passion burning from within, especially when the game’s on the line or disgust fills his soul after yet another pathetic loss. But these kinds of moments couldn’t be subbed for anything else.

Honestly, what if Ricky Rubio were there every time you were having a bad day? He could poof from anywhere, give some special words of encouragement that doesn’t quite make the most sense in English (How does one “change” their face?) and your day would literally be that much better and probably the rest of the week for that matter.

But in all seriousness now, it’s no secret that the Wolves are playing some really bad basketball right now. But as long as Rubio can keep his cool and look towards a brighter future all while still working hard to progress as a better team player, you can’t complain all that much. This team needs leaders, especially vocal ones that send signs of encouragement and screams of despair when appropriate. We all know greener pastures are ahead, and even when it’s hard to see through the dreary fogged stretches of games like the one lately, there’s still a way to push on. All you gotta do is “Change your face,” and all will be renewed.

Wolves-Lakers recap will be out later this afternoon, so please feel obliged to return to HTW later today!

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