Weekend recap: Minnesota drops two more

It was another tough weekend for the free-falling Wolves.

My apologies to our readers for not getting this out earlier. Also my apologies for not giving any real sign of positivity for this team moving forward.

Two Positives

Jonah: Alongside Gelabale, Greg Stiemsma has played well in Nikola Pekovic’s absence. He had eight points in Denver and chipped in 10 and eight boards against Dallas. He hasn’t been all that effective this season but at least he can contribute when the Wolves need it the most.

Tom: Mickael Gelabale shot the lights out against Denver, finishing 8-10 from the field and 2-2 from 3-point range for 18 points. He followed that up with a solid 6-10 shooting night against Dallas, although he missed both of his 3-point attempts. Solid scoring numbers for Gelabale. That’s about as positive as I can get.

Two Negatives

Jonah: The losses to Denver and Dallas weren’t surprising to anyone. What makes it worse is seeing guys like Corey Brewer, Ty Lawson and Vince Carter making it all possible. Both Brewer and Lawson have ties to Minnesota in the past — not as much Lawson but I digress. And Carter admitted that it’s hard for him to even dunk anymore, making it that much more painful to lose to such a dinosaur. The Wolves are supposed to be young, spry and energetic. None of those have shown up on the court other than being young and inexperienced.

Tom: I don’t mean to be urinating all over everybody’s parades, but Derrick Williams’ sudden “explosion” has been a very inefficient one. Against Denver and Dallas, Williams was 4-14 (for 13 points) and 7-17 (for 18 points) respectively. I’m NOT saying there’s no reason to celebrate: Williams has certainly shown signs of improvement, and he got to the free throw line 14 times in those two games. It’s also worth noting that the Wolves really don’t need to be worrying about efficiency when they are just trying to put points on the board in any way possible, and perhaps this is as good a way as any of making sure that Williams develops quickly. But let’s temper our enthusiasm just a little bit for the sake of realism. Williams has needed a LOT of shots to put up the scoring totals he has been posting recently.

Two observations

Jonah: The Wolves dropped two over this past weekend and they weren’t even close. That means that in the last five losses for the Wolves, they’ve lost by 15 or more points in each. Ouch.

Tom: The Wolves are a game and a half out of last place in the Western Conference, but they are nearly eight games ahead of far ahead of Eastern Conference competition for worst record in the NBA. Orlando has bottomed out to 18-46 while Charlotte is 13-50 on the season.

Next up: The Wolves take on the San Antonio Spurs at home tonight.