Bill Simmons has done it again

One of my favorite writers of all time and editor-in-chief on perhaps the greatest lifestyle/sports blogs on the inter webs, has a knack for bashing David Kahn.

Bill Simmons has a serious grudge against Kahn but still claims he respects him. How can someone respect somebody that he repeatedly shreds? If people took Simmons 100% serious in every article, Kahn would have no problem in suing for slander … Or would he?

I take no issue with bashing a NBA executive but only with the proper warrants. So when Simmons attacks Kahn under the proposition for being a bad general manager by using his decisions as an example for exactly why he’s a bad executive, I see no problem with it. At all.

The face of the matter is that Kahn exactly is that, a poor general manager (His real title is President of Basketball Operations.¬†Ooh, fancy).¬†Coming up on yet another important offseason, this one, in particular, holds extreme importance. The one making all the decision upstairs — Or is he? — is up for a contract extension to see whether or not he can finally, officially turn this team around for the better. We all know it was another awful season but there are glimmers of hope with the current makeup of this team.

But when a writer such as Simmons can just so easily piece this together:

The Timberwolves turned a potential Rubio/Curry/Lawson windfall into just Rubio (who didn’t come to Minnesota for two extra years); two years of Flynn (played in Australia last year); backup guard Malcolm Lee; three injury-plagued years and more than $15 million of damaged goods (Webster and Roy); and nearly $6 million of Webster/Milicic buyouts. They also briefly had and lost Motiejunas (a promising rotation guy for Houston), Parsons (no. 48 on the trade value list), Mirotic (Chicago’s best prospect overseas) and Cole (a rotation guy for a 66-win team); and they have Memphis’s 2013 first-rounder (near the bottom of a dreadful draft) and Brooklyn’s 2013 second-rounder to show for their troubles.

Then it might be time to re-think the direction of things. Glen Taylor needs to think long and hard, and consider just who else might be available if Kahn doesn’t return. Hell, just think of who could be a lot happier (Kevin Love, Rick Adelman, everybody, etc.) if Kahn were gone for good.

With that, I have to succumb to the influence of my influencer: Bill Simmons. Take things he writes with a grain of salt because all is in the best mind of entertaining the reader. But this, this right here, this is a bandwagon worth jumping into. FIRE DAVID KAHN.

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