2013 HTW Mock Draft

Here is our long-awaited 2013 NBA Mock Draft. Derek and I took on the role of each and every team in the first round’s general manager role to complete this mock draft. Enjoy!

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are blowing serious smoke with all this talk about Otto Porter or Alex Len being their potential pick at the top. That simply won’t be the case when it comes down to it. They could very well trade the pick but in the end they’ll end up taking the player that makes the most sense to them paired with the highest upside of anyone in the draft. Noel is hands down their man come Thursday night. — Jonah

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Some teams might have Otto Porter higher-rated than McLemore, but for the Magic McLemore makes more sense. While they are a rebuilding team that should be drafting for talent and not need, they already have Mo Harkless as a developing small forward, meaning that Harkless and Porter splitting minutes could potentially stunt their development. McLemore will still give them some shooting and will be able to fairly split time with the veteran incumbent at the shooting guard, Aaron Afflalo. — Derek

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The rest of the lottery is envious of Washington’s position in this draft. We all know there isn’t elite or guaranteed talent at the top of the draft but still very good players with potential all-star acumen. The Wizards will have a few players to choose from that will all help them now and maybe turn into that all-star down the road. Anthony Bennett has the best combination of those two components and gives them a great scoring option in the frontcourt, something they didn’t have last year to take the edge off of their star-studded backcourt of John Wall and Brad Beal. — Jonah

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Damn Wizards, screwing everything up. Suddenly, this pick becomes a little more difficult. But, again, the Bobcats just drafted a player at Porter’s position, and they need the frontcourt scoring more than they do another shooting guard, so I’m taking Alex Len and his fused ankle for the Bobcats. — Derek

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Otto Porter is a bit of a wild card in this draft. Because he’s probably the most polished player projected to go in the top 5, he could go literally anywhere. And because his game is so versatile from the small forward position, any team would be a great fit for Porter. Having said that, the Suns would grin ear to ear  if he were to fall to them at 5. This pick will come down toVictor Oladipo and Porter. With more wings with better shooting prospects towards their 30th pick than Oladipo, the Suns would be smart to go Porter and pick one of those up later. — Jonah

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FINALLY, the Oladipo slide ends here. While Al Faroq-Aminu has made strides on the wing, and they just paid Eric Gordon a lot of money to miss a lot of games, and they drafted Austin Rivers last season, passing up on Oladipo here is just unforseeable. If nothing else, Oladipo has a shot to be their healthiest and most productive guard next season. — Derek

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There are four point guards that I really like in this draft. Michael Carter-Williams is probably my favorite, which is why I give him the edge to go to the Kings at 7. The Kings are guard-heavy, which may make this pick seem a little odd on the surface. But a closer examination proves that they still don’t really have an elite ball-handler, more so just great playmaking guards and then Jimmer Fredette. Carter-Williams has a ways to go on offense, especially with his poor perimeter shooting, but with all the weapons in Sacramento, somebody needs to run the show and make sure they all get their opportunities. — Jonah

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With Will Bynum and Jose Calderon entering free agency, leaving Rodney Stuckey and Brandon Knight as the Pistons only point guard capable players, they get a cheap replacement here that could be a long-term solution at the point. Plus he’s already made some Michigan fans very happy, so he should be a popular choice. — Derek

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Surprise! Many will disagree with this pick but here’s why it’s not all that bad. Muhammed gets a bad rap because of his disgusting year at UCLA. But some didn’t know that he was the top-ranked player in his 2012 high school class. And now that he’s all healed up and in much better shape than last season, his workouts for teams have been going extremely well. Flip Saunders said that Muhammed just knows how to score and not many can do that naturally. That’s a gift, especially for a team like Minnesota, who only has one player who can score 20+ points on a consistent, nightly basis, at the ninth spot. If you can look past the stigma Muhammed carries on his shoulders, you’ll realize he’s a great pick for the Wolves. — Jonah

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Alright, so they need a center, which means my pick is probably wrong but this could be a nice young backcourt with Damian Lillard and KCP, while moving on past Wesley Matthews and his bruising contract. Besides, they can always pick up a center later on, in free agency, or give JJ Hickson $12m for the next four years (Kidding.) — Derek

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The 76ers have some trouble brewing and it all lies in their frontcourt. Upcoming free agent Andrew Bynum, who they gave up Andre Iguodala to get, never played a single game last season because of a bad knee. Beyond that, Spencer Hawes doesn’t know how to play 7-feet tall and Arnett Moultrie is too raw to just throw to the dogs. To give them some depth upfront or a replacement for Bynum — Knock on wood — Adams is a strong pick. Cody Zeller is also a solid option here. — Jonah

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Tired of watching the Thunder roll out Kendrick Perkins time and time again? Worry no more! Not only that but Zeller is a great option on kick-outs at that 18-foot range. Now the Thunder can afford to marginalize Perk and work on playing more productive lineups.  — Derek

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Chad Ford is claiming that the Mavericks are intent on trading this pick. Why? I’m not sure. They’re as old as the Celtics and need just as much help injecting youth into the organization. This is a wonderful scenario for them if McCollum were to fall to them. He immediately upgrades their backcourt and allows them to let OJ Mayo walk, if need be. — Jonah

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Because sometimes Devin Harris and Jamal Tinsley just aren’t enough. But in all seriousness, the Jazz seriously have the biggest hole at point guard, and although there aren’t many sure-thing guards in this draft, Larkin has some upside to his game. — Derek

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The Bucks are kicking themselves if this indeed happens. First off, McCollum slides almost through the lottery to Milwaukee at 15. Then, Utah feeling slighted too, takes the next best point guard before the Bucks in Shane Larking. Doh! But Dennis Schroeder is a good consolation prize. He’s a little unknown because he played last season in Germany but he’s got sky-high potential, just as much as anyone else in the draft. If the Bucks can be patient, which it doesn’t seem like they want to be given the JJ Redick trade, Larry Drew hiring and more, Schroeder could develop into a great option for them in their dissolving backcourt. — Jonah

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I am so sorry Celtics fans. He’s not much of a scorer, but he’s got the size and a ton of potential, so you all might not hate me in a few years. Then again, maybe you didn’t even notice I made this pick because your team did draft Fab Melo last year. — Derek

P.S. Tom is a big Celtics fan on top of being a Wolves roadie. This is what happens when he misses out on our draft and Derek takes over the ship.

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The Hawks need big bodies. Lasting on Zaza Pachulia among others, the Hawks just didn’t have enough depth in the frontcourt behind Josh Smith and Al Horford. Kelly Olynyk provides them exactly that and is a great option too. Olynyk seems to be more NBA ready than other center options near the top-half of the draft, so this could be considered a steal for Atlanta. — Jonah

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Ok, I need to get it together, but it’s unlikely this matters because I doubt they keep both of these picks at their current slots. If they wanted a guard, they could trade down, or if they wanted to find out what a Horford-Olynyk-Plumlee lineup could do… (they won’t do this.) — Derek

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Steal of the draft? I’d say so. Sergey Karasev, another international player, is a straight sharpshooter from distance. The Cavs would be blessed to get him here, especially after taking a big body with the top pick. Karasev’s stock has been rising for weeks, and now that Dario Saric has officially removed his name from the draft, Karasev may just be the best international prospect available. He’ll be a huge boost to Cleveland’s perimeter game this year or next, depending on when he comes over. — Jonah

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With Karasev going off of the board, it’s between the seven-foot Gobert and a handful of limited wings, so why not? He won’t be forced into anything in Chicago behind Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson, but could give them emergency depth if the situation arose. — Derek

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Gorgui Dieng’s stock is suffering right now because of some injuries but his championship season can speak for itself. At Louisville, Dieng was the Cardinals’ presence in the paint, part of the puzzle that helped them vault to the top. Dieng is a defensive stopper, the perfect rotational frontcourt player. The Jazz, having already grabbed a point guard in this scenario, move to help their frontcourt, which may be disintegrating this summer with both Paul Millsap and Al Jefferson becoming free agents. — Jonah

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Alright, this is another depth pick because Jerry Stackhouse won’t be around forever (Or will he…?) Hopefully, for the Nets’ sake, he makes them more fun to watch than last season. — Derek

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The Pacers made quite the impressive run this season, huh? But the one thing I noticed in their playoff contests was that they lacked depth pretty much all over. They have capable players stepping in but no one that can really make a difference when needed. Giannis Antetokounmpo is a large wing from Greece with deep range. He may not be ready now but he’s the kind of guy who can become that top option off the bench. Plus, if any team can wait for someone like Antetokounmpo, it’s the Pacers. — Jonah

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This is a little funny to me considering Knicks fans hated his Dad’s team — the Heat — in the 90’s and now they would get his son. Going deeper than that, Hardaway could give them added depth to the backcourt, but despite him being a good shooter he would need to improve his shot selection in New York. — Derek

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We get to the pick with arguably the best value of the first round. Ricardo Ledo, who didn’t actually play a game at Providence, is a top-notch scoring threat. Along with Muhammed, he may be the only one in this first round with the ability to average 20+ a game. Ledo is a great shooter, both spot-up and off the dribble. He’s the perfect player to consider a replacement for Chauncey Billips, if/when he ever retires. Plus, Ledo can shift to the small forward spot, where the retired Grant Hill has already left a place open. — Jonah

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While Crabbe isn’t exactly a knockdown shooter, he was still average, meaning he could still bolster the team’s less-than-average shooting from deep next season. — Derek

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No George Karl, soon to be no Andre Iguodala, the Nuggets are in a bit of trouble now. Although Karl may be irreplaceable, the Nuggets could get a headstart moving on from Iggy by taking Glen Rice Jr. He’s not the defensive mogul that Iggy was but he’ll certainly be able to chip in on offense. Rice Jr. is a great shooter with a good-sized body. He’ll give relief to Ty Lawson, Evan Fournier and Andre Miller in the backcourt. — Jonah

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Because sometimes you just can’t stomach the thought of paying Tiago Splitter $13 million per year. — Derek

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Jamaal Franklin is actually a top 20 prospect in my mind. Think of a poor man’s Kawhi Leonard. He’s not a great threat on offense or defense but he’s always going to play very hard, which makes him a coachable, lovable prospect. The Thunder could use someone like Franklin to sort of weed out Thabo Sefolosha, who had a pretty awful postseason. — Jonah

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The Suns went small forward earlier on with Otto Porter, they still need wings. Tony Snell is soaring up draft boards right now, which means this is probably too low, but in these kinds of drafts where value is minimal, teams take exactly who they want, exactly when they can get them. For that theory and that theory only, Snell drops to 30th but the Suns are damn happy.  — Derek

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