Announcement: The Return of #TwolfRank

It’s that time of year again where the Howlin’ T-Wolf crew — Jonah, Tom, and myself — get together to rank and discuss the Timberwolves roster player-by-player. And now that this is the second year, and therefore second consecutive year, you can say that this is now a tradition. Of course the best part is that, you, the reader get to participate via Twitter.

How does it work? 

I’m glad you asked!

To start, each writer ranks the Timberwolves roster from top-to-bottom (only including guaranteed contracts) and then we average them out to get one comprehensive list. Then each day we will (try) to reveal a different player each day with a post about the player. The part of this that makes this really fun is the #TwolfRank hashtag that we use. The day before we will announce who the next player is and then have our followers tweet us their thoughts on the player using the #TwolfRank hashtag. You can be funny, you can be serious– it doesn’t matter!

With that being said, look for the announcement from any of our accounts (Derek: @DerekJamesNBA; Tom: @Tom_NBA; Jonah: @howlintwolf) to see who the next day’s player will be, shoot us a tweet and we’ll use it in the post. Simple, I know.

If you missed last year’s, check it out here.

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In addition to writing for Howlin' T-Wolf, Derek James writes about basketball Hardwood Paroxysm in the ESPN TrueHoop Network and covers the Charlotte Bobcats for SB Nation’s Rufus on Fire. Andray Blatche and Isaiah Rider follow him on Twitter.