#TwolfRank: #3 Nikola Pekovic

Nikola Pekovic is the multi-million dollar man

Welcome to the second annual #TwolfRank. It’s one of our favorite times of the year, to say the least. We’re down to our final three players. As always, you can follow Jonah (@howlintwolf), Tom (@Tom_NBA) and Derek (@DerekJamesNBA) on Twitter as well to partake in the fun.

Nikola Pekovic’s tattoo of the knight stepping on top of skulls, piercing his sword into the ground has a special meaning that derives from old folk lore. It’s never actually been told before this but I’d figure I’d share this secret now that Pek’s value to the team has been exemplified and he’s clearly here to stay for the longterm.

So, let’s get to know Pek and his tattoo.

You see, there once was this knight named Nikolai Pekorov. Born into the most feared village in the North forests, Pekorov was cast into a life of competition. Hunting, fishing and of course fighting were all games that dictated rank in the village amongst the other males.

Born to a stout, noble and incredibly gifted hunter, Pekorov had a legacy to live on. A solid brute himself, villagers believed he could become king one day. Under his father’s training, Pekorov grew very strong but for several years could not come to grips with his focus and physical stability. But still so strong was Pekorov that the other males didn’t dare test him to any physical challenge. Eventually, Pekorov grew and grew and improved his diverse skill set and was unmatched in his own village, even to his exceptional father’s abilities. No one could bring Pekorov down.

But there was one male who was destined to challenge the almighty Pekorov. However, this man wasn’t from the tribe; he had traveled from many miles away, stopping at multiple villages along the way such as Orlandian and Los Angelitos, only to stir up drama and then flee for greener pastures. His name was Dwightedor Howardanso.

Howardanso was thought to be the strongest, most athletically gifted specimen in all the land. His physical presence even at a very young age demanded respect and his band of misfit advisors were always whispering into his ear, aiding him on his journey to find the perfect village to take over and rule the land.

Howardanso got wind of Pekorov from the North, sensing real competition in his conquest to manifest destiny. So he chartered off to challenge the beast in a 7-day competition.

Pekorov was in the best shape of his life, having led the villages best hunting season yet and already pulverizing neighboring villages that came to challenge him. Needless to say, Pekorov was ready for the fight of his life.

Howardanso arrived and the two titans met face-to-face and the tension was frightening. No one knew what was going to happen when these two mammoths faced off but they knew one would have to come out on top.

Through the stretch of the 7-day competition, both Pekorov and Howardanso took their shots. It was a back-and-forth marathon like battle and no one had a clean edge on the other. Both exhausted from the challenges, Pekorov and Howardanso laid to rest before the 7th day and what was to be the final challenge. Up to this point, neither had an upper-hand but this night was different. A vision rolled through Pekorov’s dream … It was a unicorn. It was from Spain and spoke in a very different dialect but it told Pekorov that it would be by his side tomorrow during the final battle and help him win.

With a newfound confidence, Pekorov arose the next morning. The village and all its people gathered in the forest to witness the final showdown. Howardanso had already been awake, consulting with his minions on strategy. Pekorov knew he wasn’t on his own either, so with a smirk on his face he stayed focus on the task at hand. The final battle was a knock-em-down, throw-em-out bout. Both giants took their shots and received their blows.

As the final moments waned down, Pekorov, exhausted as he’s ever been, sees the unicorn in a far distance. He sat hoping it’d come forth and help him defeat Howardanso for good but instead just sat and nodded. Pekorov began to realize that the unicorn was only there for support, not to take over himself. It was a tool in his mind that helped him dig deep to find the desire to win and give the last blow everything he had left.

And that’s exactly what he did. Pekorov took Howardanso down in the last moments of the final day of the 7-day challenge and became the new ruler of the land. As was tradition, the winner decided on what to do with the losing side. Accustomed to hunting and killing from the lessons of his father, Pekorov slayed Howardanso and his consult and heaved their skulls in a pile, where he slashed his sword into the ground as the final act in declaring himself ruler of all the land.

And that’s where Pek’s tattoo image came from. What? Don’t believe me? Fine! Ask him yourself. But beware! You don’t ever want to challenge him one-on-one … Or else.

But in all seriousness, Pek plays a vital part to the Wolves this coming season. He’s improved every season since coming from overseas and has proven that he’s a top-5 center in the league, when healthy. That ‘when healthy’ part is awfully important, given that he hasn’t played a full season yet but when he does, he’s a dangerous load who can play with his back to the basket and grab offensive rebounds better than anyone in the league. His contract was without a doubt worth every penny because fans would be kicking themselves if he was on another squad this fall. Since we don’t have to worry about that, Pek should continue to be an integral piece to this upcoming, hopeful season and a cornerstone to build off of for the next 4-5 years.

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