Minnesota Timberwolves nearing $100 million renovation deal with city of Minneapolis

This 2011 rendering looks freaking awesome, frankly.

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The Target Center isn’t a bad place to watch a basketball game, per se. The seats are a little uncomfortable, unless you can afford to shell out hundreds of dollars for the low-level comfy chairs, but seats in every arena are uncomfortable unless you can afford the comfy chairs. The piped-in music and sound effects are absolutely deafening in the upper-levels, but the college kids who predominantly end up sitting in those seats because they are considerably cheaper probably listen to louder things on a consistent basis. The court has been frequently mocked for the lighter shade of finish inside the 3-point arc (which, for my money, is actually kind of cool, although I know a lot of people disagree with me). But compared to other venues and arenas, there is little inherently wrong with the Target Center as a whole. It’s just kind of unremarkable.

According to Burl Gilyard of Twin Cities Business, however, the Target Center is on the verge of getting a big-time facelift.

Via Twin Cities Business:

City leaders have been negotiating behind the scenes with the Minnesota Timberwolves and arena manager AEG for more than a year on the $100 million project. But now city and team officials say that they are hoping to have an agreement hammered out by the end of December. The city of Minneapolis owns Target Center.

“Our goal is to have an agreement by the end of the year,” Jeremy Hanson Willis, executive director of the city’s Community Planning and Economic Development department, told Twin Cities Business. “Everybody is focused on getting it done. I am confident that we will reach an agreement and be able to move forward.”

A team official echoed that timetable.

“We believe along with the city that being able to close out a deal by the end of the year is absolutely doable,” said Ted Johnson, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for the Timberwolves. “We feel from the team’s side that we’ve made great progress.”

When two sides are discussing money, it’s never a good idea to believe reports of progress unless both sides are reporting that things are going well. But that’s what we have here, so it’s a good sign for continued development.

Here’s the thing: $100 million is a LOT OF MONEY. THAT’S SO MUCH MONEY. By way of comparison: My alma mater is currently fundraising to construct an entirely new building for the athletic department. It will be a practice facility for baseball, softball, golf, soccer and football — essentially all of the outdoor sports. That facility will cost roughly $3 million. For $100 million, especially with the bare bones of a stadium already in place, this project could be enormous.

What’s more, after seeing the renovations to Target Field, Wolves fans should be excited. Target Field went from a dumpy park to a beautiful state-of-the-art baseball facility. The Timberwolves’ play this season will be the biggest factor in putting people in the seats, but shiny new renovations to the arena certainly won’t hurt the cause.

This may seem like a boring business-y story, but for anyone who attends Timberwolves games in person, this is kind of big. It will affect Minnesota’s fans (hopefully in a positive way), and we will continue to give you updates as we find them.

For those of you who patiently waited until now (and for you scrollers….screw you guys), here’s your reward for making it to the bottom: A baby picture of Ricky Rubio. It is everything you could POSSIBLY want. And more.

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