Chase Budinger sustained a “cartilage injury to the left knee.” Because of course he did.

For whatever reason, the basketball Gods seriously hate Minnesota. Related: Chase Budinger is injured again.

Sigh. From‘s Mark Remme:

The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that forward Chase Budinger sustained a cartilage injury to his left knee. Budinger will visit Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama early next week. An update to Budinger’s status will be provided after that examination.

I’m going to list the reasons this doesn’t sound good. And then I’m going to go curl up in a comfy chair for a while and contemplate about how cruel the basketball gods are.

  1. “Cartilage” injuries are bad, bad, bad news. Lack of cartilage is what prevented Brandon Roy from coming back, and what will — inevitably — prevent Andrew Bynum from reaching his full potential (also: bowling).
  2. It’s his left knee again. Repeated knee injuries are bad, bad, bad news.
  3. Dr. James Andrews is the world-renowned doctor responsible for…well, just about every big-name knee surgery around. And while it’s certainly good that Budinger is getting examined by the best, it also doesn’t bode well that he’s traveling all the way to Alabama to have the best take a look at his knee.
  4. On a cold, unemotional note, Budinger is guaranteed $5 million per year for the next two seasons and has a player option on the third. The good news is that it’s in Minnesota’s best interest to make sure he’s healthy, so he won’t get jerked around at all. The bad news is, well, you know. Everything.

We will keep you updated as the story progresses, and we certainly wish Budinger the best in his recovery. But it appears that the injury bug likes the climate in Minnesota.

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