Shabazz Muhammad tweets cryptic picture of new Wolves jerseys

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Here’s the tweet, and here’s a list of things we know about this jersey:

  • The part pictured is awesome.
  • The Wolves will play in it tonight against the Nuggets.
  • It looks really clean.

Here’s a list of things we don’t know:

  • Is it sleeved? (Shouts to @xThugNastyx for pointing out to me that the top of the right hand picture doesn’t appear to have the arm hole of a sleeveless jersey)
  • Are those mountains or W’s along the side?
  • Will Shabazz peel off his warm-ups at any point so we can see bazzketball/this particular jersey?
  • Is it possible (UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT) that this jersey could look cool even with sleeves?


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