How did the Wolves fare in sleeved jerseys? Not bad!

Rubio looks slick in his sleeved jersey…but do the shirts restrict the shooting motion?

On Monday’s episode of The Starters (Mondays-Fridays at 5 pm CST on NBA TV!), host J.E. Skeets posed the challenge (paraphrased) “Someone should take a look at how teams are shooting with sleeves and without.”

Challenge accepted, Mr. Skeets! The Timberwolves have played just one game in sleeves — against the Denver Nuggets last Wednesday — and here are the results in table form.

With sleeves Without sleeves
FG% .455 .429
3-PT % .250 .328
eFG% .483 .474
FT% .893 .805

As you can see, the Wolves shot poorly from 3-point range, but better overall, and their better overall shooting made up for their 3-point shooting (since eFG% is an attempt to adjust field goal percentage to include 3-pointers).

Also: The Wolves are excellent free throw shooters as a team (3rd in the NBA overall), but that number took a significant hike with the sleeves.

Anyway, the sample size was obviously minuscule and useless, but as the year goes on, we’ll continue to keep an eye on this. The Wolves are one of the few teams with sleeved jerseys that actually look good (for my money, Golden State is the only other sleeved jersey I would wear willingly to play basketball), so if we find that they are unaffected, that will be kind of exciting.

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