Texas ass-whoopin’; Spurs rout Wolves 104-86

Just keep dribbling, just keep dribbling ... dribbling, dribbling, dribbling!

Just keep dribbling, just keep dribbling … dribbling, dribbling, dribbling!

Coming into this game, there were two things I didn’t really like.

  1. The San Antonio Spurs are really good at kicking ass.
  2. The Wolves are really good at staying at .500.

Those two facts played a big part into the final of tonight’s bout. The Spurs are just so good at making okay teams like the Wolves look pretty bad. And the Wolves, well, are really good at making themselves look pathetic in cities not named ‘Minneapolis.’

We’re gonna play a little game here. Now don’t go cheat by looking at the box score! Just take a look at these opposing numbers and guess which team is which.

  • Team A: 35.5 FG%, 5/17 3PM, 40 REB, 17 AST, 16 STL, 10 TO, 10 PTS OFF TO’s
  • Team B: 56.8 FG%, 9-13 3PM, 46 REB, 31 AST, 10 BLK, 20 TO, 16 PTS OFF TO’s

Ahh, who am I kidding? This isn’t even a game when everyone can win (Or cheat). Obviously, Team A was the Wolves. What tipped you off? The FG%? Yeah, most likely. But everything else seems up to par. They don’t typically get out-rebounded but when you shoot that bad, it can happen. The assists are awfully low but the Spurs make it look puny with their insane total. 16 steals is nice. That was mostly caused by bone-headedness from the Spurs and their surplus of turnovers. But when you can only convert 10 points out of 16 steals and 20 turnovers, you’re doing something wrong.

Or maybe you’re not doing anything wrong. There’s something funky about these Wolves. The poor shooting nights have become synonymous to almost any game they get into. Kevin Love is prone to have bad nights, as is Kevin Martin, but there’s just no help ready to step up. Nikola Pekovic has been the most consistent option all season long. Otherwise, if one of those two guys have an off night, it’s pretty much a wash for that one because no one has, or maybe even can, step up and make a difference in the scoring column. Corey Brewer’s awful December is creeping into January. JJ Barea’s too busy dribbling. Ricky Rubio, HA!

There’s not too many other options from there. It’s good to have Chase Budinger back but from a reduced bench role until he’s 100-percent, he won’t be able to get enough time or shots to reduce any void left from either Kevins’ off-night. Everything I’m laying out shouldn’t be new, and it’s definitely very much alive in the back of Rick Adelman’s mind, especially when he stares down his bench in some clutch moments during any game. The help has to come from within because I don’t see any roster movement coming soon. But it also needs to come soon. 36 games into the season means we’re almost halfway done, so a run has to come soon, otherwise we’re facing ping-pong balls yet again.

I don’t mean to get all panicky, especially after a blowout loss to one of the league’s, not just the conference’s best. But these are recurring faults game-in and out, and it’s getting more and more frustrating as the season wears on. Let’s hope that both Kevins and the Wolves as a whole can turn it around Wednesday at home vs Derrick Williams and the Sacramento Kings.

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