Ricky Rubio goes from setting defensive traps on the court to setting thirst traps on Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 9.17.39 PMOn Sunday night, Ricky Rubio posted a photo to his Instagram that got the female faction of Timberwolves Twitter all flustered. It was a shirtless photo of himself in front of a mirror with a caption that simply read “summer.” Everything about this photo was hilarious and the reactions ranged from “This isn’t your adorable Ricky anymore” to “Oh my…” For me, it was hilarious, and Rubio proved that he was just like the rest of us out there in the struggle.

First off, the shirtless mirror pic is a bit of a faux pas for any guy. Yet, I’d say 80 percent of us have probably done it at one point or the other, with the main idea being attention. There is literally no other reason to take an indoor shirtless mirror pic other than this. You can try to hide your motives behind the guise of a caption like “summer” but obviously it has nothing to do with summer. I mean, you’re inside and it’s May 5th, so this has nothing to do with summer! When you do post them, you certainly have to be ready take any amount of shit you get for being ‘that guy.’ Personally, I wouldn’t have even tried to hide my motives and own it, but to each their own.

I can see where Ricky is coming from. If I were a single millionaire in my 20s (I am two of those three things) I would do the same thing. And posting a pic showing off my hard work in the gym is a hell of a lot easier than trying to slide into the DM’s of attractive followers; why do the work when they can come to you, right? In some ways, it’s also encouraging to see that professional athletes have to go through the same things the rest of us have to go through.

My stance on this is the same with Shabazz Muhammad when he was caught with a girl in his room at the symposium: he’s just another 20 year old, big deal. Hell, I’d probably do the same thing and so would a lot of people, so I’m not trying to beat him up over this. When it comes right down to it, we’re all just human beings. But, before I go, let’s re-visit some rules for shirtless selfies:

1) Make sure you haven’t posted one in recently. You don’t want to come off as an obvious or desperate attention whore. Rubio got this one right since I can’t recall him doing this before.

2) You’re obviously trying to make a statement here, so don’t be coy. Get an “A” or get an “F.” Rubio got an “F” here for trying to cover up his intentions here with his caption. Make sure the lighting is good, and whatever you do, don’t pullback with a flimsy cover-up as the caption. You’re showing off, so show off! You threw modesty out the window when you took your shirt off in front of the mirror.

3) You don’t need to pull your pants as far down as Rubio did in his shot. If you have that elusive v-cut, you don’t need to go past your waist; people should be able to tell.

4) Be ready to accept the good with the bad. Your goal may be to get the attention of the one you’ve been crushing on for awhile, but more likely than not, you’re going to bring out the creep in the one person whose attention you weren’t seeking. Your actions will have consequences both good and bad.

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