Wolves want Livingston?; Iowa Energy no more?

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Got a hodge-podge of stories for ya today. The first has to do with Brooklyn Nets’ back up point guard Shaun Livingston. And yeah, he’s the one who had that gnarly knee injury quite a ways back but is still playing basketball, albeit at a high level even. It’s really quite the story when you consider the scope of things

Livingston is going to be a free agent this summer, and given the Nets have already done their fair share of spending last summer to suck up their cap space, there’s a good chance that Livingston will be playing elsewhere this coming Fall. The Wolves were hot for Livingston a few years back under David Kahn, and the interest still seems to be there. According to Darren Wolfson, Livingston and Flip Saunders have a relationship from back in their Wizard days, which could make him a serious target this offseason. It’s no secret that the Wolves will be renovating their backcourt behind Ricky Rubio and Kevin Martin. They’ll likely look to trade JJ Barea and maybe even Alexey Shved as well, even though both are signed through next season. Livingston is averaging eight points and three assists per game as the Nets’ go-to guard off the bench. But what’s more intriguing about Livingston is his size. At 6-foot-7, you won’t see many guards handle the ball and defend both positions as well as he does. Until the Nets finish out in the Playoffs, we won’t know exactly what his interest in moving elsewhere would be. Speaking of, check NBA Playoffs betting at TopBettingReviews.com.

Secondly, have you heard of the Iowa Energy? Maybe not but they were the D-League affiliate of the Timberwolves last year. Actually, Shabazz Muhammad was sent there for his brief D-League stint. Anyways, it turns out that they will no longer be the affiliate any longer after the Memphis Grizzlies decided to buy the team as their own. That leaves the Wolves empty-handed in terms of having that luxury at your dispense.

This seems to be a popular business decision around the league. As the D-League continues to increase its popularity and klout, more and more owners are seeing the beneficial gains of securing its own D-League franchise. I think this is going to continue to be a trend until perhaps every NBA team controls single-ownership of a D-League affiliate. That should be recognized as a good thing. It’s a minor leagues for the NBA. The minor league affiliates in baseball have been greatly beneficial in an effort to educate the young, while giving them a home and a chance to play. If the D-League were to expand to 30 teams to accomodate each NBA team, then the NBA Draft would certainly be expanded by at least a couple rounds. And then, by default, more and more college and international players would be given the opportunity to play basketball in America at a professional level.

I think only positive things can come out of this new trend. It’s likely a long ways from ever getting to the point that I envision but, if it ever were to, the NBA would become a powerhouse money-maker. Cha-ching.

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