Cloudy Beginnings

Glen Taylor sat aside Flip Saunders, Friday, as the two explained why the decision was made to appoint Saunders as the Minnesota Timberwolves head coach, heading into the 2014-2015 season.

Although, as the press conference morphed from an explanation into an interrogation, the mood was the same throughout questions, and there were very, little laughs. Saunder’s quoted himself, reminding viewers that when he took the job it would require Saunders to ‘roll up the sleeves’ and ‘get his hands dirty.’

Taylor, begrudgingly, admitted that he hadn’t intended to allow Saunders to step-down, but alas; both answered intelligible, formulated questions meant to provoke the plan Taylor and Saunders have for the second-coming of the organization’s winningest coach.

“If we would have found a person that Flip would have recommended that fit our style,” Taylor told media,” we would have just moved ahead.” 

Taylor’s body language presented the notion that he isn’t excited about the imminent future with the Wolves, and he did everything but tell the media that he would have never made this decision if Flip hadn’t talked him into it. And, appropriately, Flip spoke with the more convincing tone, answering questions about a potential ‘coach in waiting’ candidate and portraying the heavy evaluation process that the staff will forgo in the following months.

“We evaluate players, scouts, assistants, developmental coaches,” Saunders said,”we’re going to put together our best staff, right now, for our team”

The underwhelming press conference left the audience with very little answers, but most of those that cover, or are a fan of, the team know that Saunders stepping down is merely the first of two proverbial shoes that will drop sometime before the end of the 2014 NBA Draft.

A glimmer of clarity revealed itself on Friday, and although the Wolves know who will be coaching them next season, the team’s best player in recent memory remains on the roster. Despite the storm of rumors that have gone on over the previous month, Kevin Love remains a Timberwolf. As for Flip Saunders the coach, it would be irresponsible to presume how he will perform based on an outdated sample, but it seems fair that nobody expects much from him just yet. Those critiques, whether they be praises or criticisms, won’t begin until the “Summer of Love” has long since passed.