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Wolf Track: Kevin Love NBA's MIP

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According to ESPN, our very own Kevin Love has reportedly won the NBA’s Most Improved Player award.

This practically assures he’s the team’s MVP and franchise player moving forward. Love led the league in rebounds with 15.2 rebounds a game and also scored 20.2 ppg.

Congrats, Kevin, on a great feat.

Wolf Track: "Tweet was true"

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Remember back when an NBA referee, Bill Spooner, disclosed he was suing a local AP writer for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Jon Krawczinski, for tweeting a defamatory remark regarding an incident involving a “make-up call” for head coach Kurt Rambis and his Timberwolves?

Flatter yourself and read this:

Professional basketball official Bill Spooner sued the news organization and reporter Jon Krawczynski (a story broken right here on the Business Journal’s Law Blog) last month after the beat writer wrote on his Twitter page that the ref promised Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis make-up points for a botched foul call during the Jan. 24 game against the Houston Rockets

Wolf Track: "Ricky Rubio: An object of faith"

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Here’s the link to a terrific article on one Ricky Rubio. BIE goes through the phenomenon that was Rubio’s amazing ’09-’10 season, but also discusses his brief decline in ’10-’11. Is Rubio the best point guard in Europe? No, wait, let’s go one step further: Is Rubio even the best point guard in Spain at this point? Read and find out.

Wolf Track: Kevin Love's status upgraded

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Timberwolves All-Star Kevin Love has been upgraded to questionable for Minnesota’s game against Boston after improvement in his strained left groin.

Love participated in a light practice Saturday after missing Minnesota’s last two games. The Timberwolves host the Celtics on Sunday, and Love said if he wakes up feeling good he’ll “probably try to give it a go.” He said most of the pain is gone, but the muscle is still tight.

Love was hurt on March 16 against Utah. He played in two more games, but left in the second quarter against Sacramento last Sunday and missed games this week against Dallas and Oklahoma City.

In Love’s absence, newly acquired Anthony Randolph totaled 55 points and 26 rebounds in the last two games.

That last line just about sums it all up. Is it wrong to question the Wolves’ ability and winning chances without their superstar in the lineup? Maybe the Big Al vs. K-Love debate was a bit more heated than we all originally thought, because there’s something about this team with Anthony Randolph in that makes Kahn’s vision a bit more believable

Wolf Track: Rubio Update

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Via ESPN Insider:

According to Jerry Zgoda of the Star Tribune, Wolves president David Kahn still expects Rubio to play in Minnesota next season.

Kevin Love is friends with Rubio and stays in contact with the young point guard.

“I still text him every now and then,” Love said. “Not too often, once or twice a month. I’ve always said I hope he comes over sooner rather than later so we can get this thing started.”

Love thinks Rubio can make an impact in the NBA.

Wolf Track: Rambis on hot seat?

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Via ESPN Insider:

Ken Berger of writes: “Though management won’t make a final decision until the season is over, sources say there is significant push from within to make a coaching change. Atop the Timberwolves’ list of potential successors is Bucks assistant Kelvin Sampson, one of the people with knowledge of the organization’s thinking said. … A coaching change is something Kevin Love would not oppose, sources say.”

Make of it what you wish, but I’m steering clear of this one…

Wolf Track: Kevin Love talks recruitment

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Kevin Love, during his time in L.A. for the All-Star break, says there was a lot of “recruiting” talk going on.

“A lot of it was (about) OKC,” Love said. “A lot of it was a few other teams that just need that one more guy. And a lot of it was circulating around the Lakers, ’cause we were out there as well. There was a lot of pressure and a lot of questions were circulating, and I almost felt like, ‘Damn, I have to take a step back and, not assess the situation, but kind of look at things from a broad horizon.’

“As far as right now, I love the city of Minneapolis. I like Minnesota as a state. I love the people here. Our team is very young. We have a lot of stuff going for us when you look past the win column. I think I just have to look at that come contract time.”

So although the dilemma of players recruiting friends has clouded the game in a big way and its free agency, Love doesn’t seem to be fazed by al the talk. He enjoys Minnesota, and he enjoys the team — We hope. Once it comes time to offer him a max deal, given all the circumstances remain the same, there should be no reason to turn it down. Right?

Wolf Tracks 3/3

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Just a few interesting tidbits but here are today’s Wolf Tracks:

Kevin Love is only 22, but he’s about to become a very wealthy man. Once the NBA and the NBA Players Association agree on a new collective bargaining agreement after the current one ends on June 30, the Minnesota Timberwolves will offer 6-10 Love a contract extension for six years worth $70 million, according to the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

This should be some great news. This is the assurance we’ve prayed from the front office since David Kahn took over. This team needs stability more than anything, and who better to provide it than a high-rate rebounding, three-point shooting, bulldozing man of mass to be that rock?

Wolf Track: Corey Brewer, buyout?

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According to ESPN, the New York Knicks are nearing a buyout with the newly acquired Corey Brewer.

The Knicks and Brewer are closing in on a buyout agreement that will make the former Minnesota swingman a free agent, sources close to the situation told

Because Brewer will be officially released before March 1, he’s eligible to play in the playoffs with another team.

Brewer’s sheer hustle and determination will make him a hot commodity on the market after the buyout. Any contender near the top will have to take a look at Brewer’s contributions. Some add that Boston, Miami, San Antonio, Oklahoma City and Dallas are interested. My guess: Chicago Bulls. What an upgrade he could be for that team at shooting guard.

Good for you, Corey. Wherever you land, we’ll be sure to root you on.