Wolf Track: Kevin Love talks recruitment

Kevin Love, during his time in L.A. for the All-Star break, says there was a lot of “recruiting” talk going on.

“A lot of it was (about) OKC,” Love said. “A lot of it was a few other teams that just need that one more guy. And a lot of it was circulating around the Lakers, ’cause we were out there as well. There was a lot of pressure and a lot of questions were circulating, and I almost felt like, ‘Damn, I have to take a step back and, not assess the situation, but kind of look at things from a broad horizon.’

“As far as right now, I love the city of Minneapolis. I like Minnesota as a state. I love the people here. Our team is very young. We have a lot of stuff going for us when you look past the win column. I think I just have to look at that come contract time.”

So although the dilemma of players recruiting friends has clouded the game in a big way and its free agency, Love doesn’t seem to be fazed by al the talk. He enjoys Minnesota, and he enjoys the team — We hope. Once it comes time to offer him a max deal, given all the circumstances remain the same, there should be no reason to turn it down. Right?


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