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Wolf Track – Wolves season in review: Boss promises big changes | Star Tribune

I’m going to wait until the season is “officially over” at then end of this week after the last 3 games to start breaking down everything in review and looking forward, but Phil Miller of the Star Tribune got the offseason started with David Kahn talking about a lot of change on the horizon.

Wolves season in review: Boss promises big changes | StarTribune.com.

From the beginning, Timberwolves boss David Kahn and coach Kurt Rambis called this nearly finished season one devoted to player evaluation and development, concepts that also mean few expectations and little pressure.

All that is about to change.

Still aimed at tying the worst record in franchise history, the Wolves head toward a summer in which they possess three first-round draft picks, hefty salary-cap space and a roster that includes nary a player untouchable for a trade, except perhaps the rights to European prospect Ricky Rubio.

Among the things they’ve learned during these past six months: They lack a game-saving star player and also need a traditionally sized center on a team previously built around undersized power forwards Al Jefferson and Kevin Love.

Hired 11 months ago, Kahn immediately embarked on what he called a 17-month process to transform the franchise. He started by trading away player after player last summer to improve draft positioning and clear cap space.

The maneuvering presented what he now calls an obviously incomplete team that produced the league’s second-worst record and nearly a 20 percent chance of winning the No. 1 overall pick in the June draft.

The clock is ticking.

“Those 17 months expire in September,” Kahn said. “I can assure you the ballclub will be measurably different by then. It will. Obviously, we’ll have to demonstrate some significant progress next season, whether you want to define that by wins and losses or other measurements.”

Be sure to click and read the whole thing.

What are your thoughts on Kahn’s assessment?

Wolf Track – TrueHoop: Kahn won't trade Al Jefferson, unless …

From TrueHoop: Kahn won’t trade Al Jefferson, unless…

“…someone calls up with a deal that’s so preposterously one-sided, we’d have to do it”

Those words came from the mouth of Minnesota Timberwolves general manager David Kahn, who spoke to me this morning at Madison Square Garden while the folks back home in Minneapolis were wondering why the possibility of trading Jefferson was back in the news.

So while the Amar’e Stoudemire rumors have a basis in truth — I listed the chances of him being dealt at 60-40 in yesterday’s chat — a Jefferson deal is far more unlikely. “In this league you can make some terrible decisions when you make them hastily, without full information, or letting people evolve. We won’t do that here,” Kahn said.

And what would define ‘preposterously one-sided’– the phrase Kahn himself used to describe what's it'd take for him to trade Jefferson?

“Something that even Al Jefferson would have to say, ‘David you have to do that,’” Kahn said.

David Kahn… A GM Ahead of the Curve?

As some of you probably don’t have ESPN Insider access and others may have missed it on Friday, there was some good news for Wolves fans that came from Chad Ford on his NBA Draft Blog that I thought you should see:

While 2009 may have been one of the best point guard drafts ever, the 2010 draft is shaping up to be one of the worst ever.

The drought of point guards in this year’s draft has led to some consternation among a handful of GMs. Why? Because their scouting staffs didn’t alert them to that fact before last year’s draft, which could have affected their strategy.

“I know we all say that we draft on talent, not on position, but that’s only partly true” one GM told ESPN.com. “Last year we needed to fill a number of holes and ended up passing on all of the point guards. Had we known there wouldn’t be any point guard talent in the ’10 draft, I think we would’ve done things differently this summer.”

Basically other than John Wall, who looks to be a superstar, there is only one other point guard, Willie Warren, who is ranked on Ford’s big board as a 1st rounder.

What’s this? You mean all the people who questioned what the heck David Kahn was doing when he drafted two point guards back to back and signing a third in free agency, might end up eating crow??? Imagine that. In fact if the Wolves were to, gasp, win the lottery and the John Wall jackpot, they would all of sudden find themselves fully cornering the market on young point guards.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of why David Kahn is all about acquiring “assets” in the early stages of building a contender out of our beloved T-Wolves. It may not fill a need now or help them get a W tomorrow night, but they have a very good chance of paying off quite well for the team in the future.

Great news from ESPN's Ric Bucher

The latest news this afternoon on the Ricky Rubio buyout situation came from Ric Bucher at ESPN:

Spanish star Ricky Rubio’s move to the NBA has been complicated by his sliding to fifth in the draft, but the only options he’s currently considering are playing in Minnesota or returning to DKV Joventut, sources said on Tuesday.

Had Rubio been a top three pick, he could have more easily afforded to pay Joventut to release him, a source said. But the difference in salary between third and fifth in the draft is roughly $600,000 a year. Joventut reportedly is asking for no less than $4 million for his release.

Going to another European team is not a realistic option because that team would want a long-term commitment from Rubio and his desire remains to play in the NBA, a source said. Whether he can do that next season or when his Joventut contract expires two years from now is the question.

In any case, Rubio apparently has no objections to playing in Minnesota.

“This isn’t about Minnesota,” a source said. “It’s about the buyout.”

Although the Wolves drafted another point guard in Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn on June 25, a source said Minnesota is dedicated to having Rubio on the team next season.

This to me has to be good news for Wolves fans. Obviously we have to take everything with a grain of salt in this situation and with sources but the fact that the report is only about the buyout and not cold-weather, small-market, already have Jonny Flynn at point guard, Minnesota is something all Wolves fans should be quietly doing back-flips in their rooms over. Personally I think this moves the odds in the Wolves favor to see him suiting up for us this fall in the 70-80% range mostly because the alternative for DVK Joventut for him to go back and play and not pay anything is the opposite of what they want to happen as they desperately need the money. Again this is really good poker by Rubio’s camp and the Wolves to force DKV to lower the buyout. Maybe I should have had Fegan coming up with the masterful plot when I speculated about the conversation between him and Kahn on draft night.

Fearless Howlin’ Prediction: A couple more weeks and Rubio’s camp will knock the buyout down to $3 million and he’ll be on his way to play for your Minnesota Timberwolves. Press Conference to introduce him: August 11.

Thoughts on TrueHoop's interview with David Kahn

For those who haven’t read it, please do go over to TrueHoop and read yesterday’s interview with David Kahn by Henry Abbott.

I found it very interesting and generally fascinating  for a number of reasons:

1. Henry asked all the questions that everyone (outside of MN that is)
is focusing on, basically that for the Wolves the glass is half empty
or worse in this situation as opposed to the half-full or better most Wolves fans believe.

2. Kahn gives really short answers and basically non-answers or
deflects 6 of the 10 questions. (Note: Henry does say this was some of what he said but I’m assuming this is the meat of it) For the most part the answers are the same as what he’s been saying previously.

3. I love how this whole situation basically has most Wolves fans (I’m
thinking it’s about 80/20 of Wolves “fans” in favor of Kahn but for
the die-hards its around 100% for him) forming a protective circle
around Kahn and buying into his genius. It also has every other
basketball fan saying Kahn is the worst gm ever and the Wolves will
continue to suck as a result. They also think everyone who agrees/
defends Kahn’s moves is completely smoking crack or living on another
planet. For an interesting read in the different views peruse the comments section on the interview.

4. Knicks fans apparently really think that they should get Rubio for any number
of Donnie Walsh pu pu platter variations and Kahn and Wolves fans
everywhere are completely insane for thinking they shouldn’t trade

5. Most importantly I just love that the Wolves a team coming off a 24
win season is being talked about just as much as any team in the
league at this point. There’s lots to talk about and argue if you’re a Wolves fan which is great imo.

Timberwolves Draft Room June 25th 6pm EST

Want to know what really went down in the Wolves war room on draft day? (I had this in an update in the latest Rubio piece but thought I’d re-post it in case some of you missed it.

Howlin’ T-Wolf got their hands on the most important conversation that happened on the night of the NBA Draft…

June 25th 6:00pm EST

David Kahn finds out that Rubio might be available at #5 for the Wolves. He scrambles around yelling for someone to find him Dan Fegan’s (Rubio’s agent) phone number. Finally a Wolves intern pops his head up, “Got it.”

“Get him on the line right now!” Kahn yells back.

Continue reading

And the roller coaster just took off… Miller and Foye packing their bags

Ok folks David Kahn has started and has started early…

With the draft just two days away Kahn has setup the Wolves for a big Thursday by trading Mike Miller and Randy Foye to the Washington Wizards for the #5 pick a serviceable center in Etan Thomas, a serviceable power forward in Darius Songaila and a backup center in Oleksiy Pecherov.

Conflicting reports have the Wolves set to keep both picks and take 2 of the guys they want at #5 and #6 and others say they will use the #5 to move up and grab Ricky Rubio. Personally I think it was a good move to start the regime change although I had hoped we could nab #5 for Miller and something else without Foye in the deal. That being said with all the action Kahn is rumored to have had working the phones there is probably a reason he wanted to get this done before draft night and before someone else from the long list of teams rumored to want it (i.e. Knicks, Blazers, Celtics, Rockets, Nets) were able to make a better offer.

This now gives the Wolves the most options in the draft whether it be via trade or using the picks. Could they use the #5 to move up to #2 to get Rubio. Are the Celtics dumb enough and want the #5 enough that they would really move Rondo who they are rumored to be shopping? Could Rubio fall to the Wolves at #5. (This is unlikely but some analysts have mentioned its now more a possibility than anyone ever thought.) The good news Wolves fans is that the Wolves are in the preverbial driver seat come draft night with a number of options and ways to come out on top at the end of Thursday night.

One thing I don’t see happening, Kahn trading both the #5 and #6 picks for #2, i.e. Rubio. This is too much considering it’s basically Miller+Foye+#6 for Rubio. He’s good and I want him but that’s too much and I think Kahn knows that. He wanted two picks to reshape the backcourt and now he can.

As for Miller and Foye I think they just weren’t the best fit here. Miller struggled with injuries this past year and without a distributor to get him the open looks he’s so good at converting he saw previously in his career. He still has plenty of game left in my opinion and I think he will do well in Washington with Arenas and Butler getting him the ball. Foye as well I think is moving to a better situation. He never was the conerstone point guard the Wolves needed and after being taken out with a knew injury two years ago has failed to progress like the guy he was traded for in Brandon Roy. Personally I think he will do very well as Washington’s 6th man combo guard off the bench in the Leandro Barbosa/Jason Terry mold. He definitely has the ability to score in bunches and should be penciled in for 12-14 points off the bench in 25-30 mins. I wouldn’t be shocked if he played well enough that he was in talks for the 6th man of the year award. That being said I think it was right for the Wolves to move him as he only has 1 year left on his rookie contract and hasn’t lived up to what we needed him to be.

The other guys in the deal. I think Etan fills a need for the Wolves as a serviceable center assuming he is fully healthy again. He’s certainly not the long term answer for the Wolves at center and I still would like to see them get Gortat, however Etan is probably an upgrade from the Collins/Shelden Williams who played when Love and Jefferson weren’t tag teaming it. Songaila is also a decent piece in the deal and could mostly be described as a slightly bulkier version of Gomes who can step out and hit shots but also rebound and bang inside. I expect Craig Smith becomes a trade piece with the additon of Songaila

Grade for the Wolves: TBD at the end of Thursday night, could be an A+ if Rubio shockingly falls to #5 or they sell #5 to a higher bidder on draft day, could be a B+ if they can package #5+#18+change for #2 to get Rubio, cold be a B if they land Curry+Harden or Curry+Evans. Could be worse I suppose too but I really feel that if Kahn was as active as everyone says he was he has something good up his sleeve for Thursday night.

For more on the breakdown visit the great Wizards blog, The Truth About It for a breakdown from the Wizards side.

Update: Andy Katz confirms the Wolves will try and move to #2 but won’t do it with both #5 and #6. Something like #5+#18 or something like that.

Also check out the solid trade breakdown over at Canis Hoopus by Stop-n-Pop.

State of the Wolves Part II

Ok Wolves fans so we have plenty of updated information in the past few weeks that we’ve gotten straight from David Kahn on what his plan is for the Wolves. On top of that some more research has led me to change some of my views as well and we have a lot more information on the players available in the draft.

So with that here’s my State of the Wolves Part II (I’ll be pulling from the first State of the Wolves as well as my look into how the Wolves look in terms of scorers and will indent that stuff to distinguish old from new):

I like the format Draft Express used in their Off-Season Analysis a few years back so let’s go with that…

Draft Picks:

Picks #6, #18, #28, #45 and #47

Depth Chart:

PG: Randy Foye/Sebastian Telfair/Kevin Ollie/Bobby Brown
SG: Mike Miller
SF: Ryan Gomes/Rodney Carney/Corey Brewer
PF: Al Jefferson/Kevin Love/Craig Smith/Shelden Williams/Brian Cardinal
C: Jason Collins

I put the players in their most natural position here and only used everyone once. Miller could be argued at SF and Foye could be argued at SG but we’ll have more on that later.Notice how goofy it looks?!?!

This is how the playing time went (Based on the Team’s Minutes per 82games.com) minus Rashad McCants+Calvin Booth who were traded:

PG: Sebastian Telfair (50%) – Randy Foye (24%) – Kevin Ollie (18%) – Bobby Brown (3%)

SG: Randy Foye (37%) - Mike Miller (22%) – Rodney Carney (19%) – Bobby Brown (3%)Kevin Ollie (2%)
SF: Mike Miller (36%) - Ryan Gomes (34%) - Rodney Carney (10%) – Brian Cardinal (8%) – Corey Brewer (6%)
Ryan Gomes (29%) – Craig Smith (29%) - Kevin Love (21%) – Brian Cardinal (14%) – Al Jefferson (2%) – Shelden Williams (1%)
Al Jefferson (43%) – Kevin Love (30%) - Jason Collins (10%) – Craig Smith (7%) – Shelden Williams (4%) – Mark Madsen (2%) – Ryan Gomes (1%)

Initial Thoughts: The blessing of the current roster is obviously the Wolves versatility at SG, SF, and PF. The curse of it is that we are stacked with a large group of quality “backup” type players (Save for Big Al and K-Love) at these 3 positions that are more like interchangeable parts with no defined role for each on the team. We have too much flexibility. Every player besided Telfair plays multiple positions with some consitency. Gomes is kind of a poor-man’s Odom (maybe a slightly better 3pt shooter) that is a nice player off the bench that gives the team flexibility to play small or big, Rodney Carney another nice 2/3 off the bench that played well with minutes down the stretch, and Mike Miller who had an up and down year with injuries but has the talent to be a starter with a high scoring efficiency from the wing. Foye splits time between the 1/2, Jefferson and Love between 4/5 etc. Jefferson is certainly capable of playing the 5 and with the news he’s looking to slim down this summer I think that will help his cause to be quicker on defense.


After an eventless year of rebuilding without KG in ’07-’08, the Wolves started this past season right where they left off with an 0-5 start that led to a 4-15 record which resulted in Head Coach Randy Wittman getting fired. Kevin McHale vacated the front office in a move to the bench that after a slow start learning his new philosphy resulted in a solid month of January at 10-4 that even gave McHale coach of the month honors. The run came to a crashing hault however with Al Jefferson tearing his right ACL on February 8th against New Orleans. The rest of the season was mostly a wash with Big Al out, but the Wolves used the time to groom rookie Kevin Love who by the end of the season established himself as a starting quality PF with the 4th best rebounding rate ever for a rookie. (See here for the evidence and here for the breakdown.) The only other news of note in the second half of the year post-Jeferson was the trade that sent Rashad McCants out of town to the Kings with Calvin Booth in exchange for Bobby Brown and Shelden Williams. (yawn…)

Ultimately the Wolves finished 24-58 which was bad enough to secure the 6th pick in the draft after being un-lucky yet again in the lottery.

Team Needs:

“The Timberwolves are a team without an identity.” (Funny this is a sentence that I didn’t need to change from Draft Express’ 2006 breakdown, ouch. Shows you the quality of GM Kevin McHale was and the general lack of vision within the organization). Even better look at what they had for team needs in ’06 as well.

1) A defensive minded center
2) A point guard
3) Athletic scorers

Amazing isn’t it! In fact I would contend that the Wolves have been in need of a defensive minded center, a pg (other than Cassell’s stint) and athletic scorers since forever. The biggest weakness we’ve had over the past decade in my opinion is that we have no one that can take the ball to the hoop and get to the FT line. Here’s a mental exercise for you, picture the Wolves on offense in the half-court (not a fastbreak) and try and visualize one of the Wolves players driving past his guy to the hoop for an And-1. Anyone come to mind? Maybe McCants or Foye once or twice in the last two years but no Timberwolf has had “Can beat guys off the dribble” and “Gets to the hoop and the FT line” listed in their strengths since maybe Marbury was running the point over 10 years ago!

GM’s Strategy:

No one really knows what David Kahn’s draft strategy is or his vision of how to build a franchise. (Other than what you think you might be able to pull out of his open letter to the fans and his first couple of interviews here and here.) However he did have a significant role in building a team in Indiana that featured Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest and Jermaine O’Neal which was a pre-season favorite to win it all before the brawl happened. (And was also with the team when they grabbed Danny Granger after the Wolves passed on him for McCants). So we will see what Kahn’s strategy is, the good news is that moving from Kevin McHale to ANY strategy is an improvement.

This is where we have the biggest change since my original breakdown has come. Kahn has been all but a completely open book with just about everyone (media, season ticket holders, etc.) over the past few weeks. (Everyone except the players he’s going to be shipping out, i.e. all of them not named Jeffeson or Love.)

Based on what we know now I think Kahn’s strategy or plan breaks down like this:

  1. Draft or trade for a true pg to lead this team.
  2. Add shooters (and scorers) around said pg and Jefferson
  3. Trade for players in the 24-26 year old range to grow the team together
  4. Find a positive coach that will take time to develop the group of younger players
  5. Work the phones and be the most aggressive GM in the league to use the leverage he has in expiring contracts and multiple 1st round picks to complete the plan by being opportunistic during the draft, free agent season, and next year at the trade deadline.

I honestly can’t wait to see Kahn’s first day or real action this Thursday to see the plan start rolling after lots of work over the past few weeks working the phones.

Personal Analysis:

First lets look at the 3 team needs:

1) A defensive minded center: Again I reiterate that taking a run at Chris, The Birdman, Andersen would be a good move this offseason. Likewise, Anderson Varejao also could fill this role and is a FA this summer. Both players would bring the energy, rebounding, and tough/active defense to the team that has been missing while we had a constantly rotating door of backup centers fill the roster. (A third option would be “The Polish Hammer” Marcin Gortat of the Orlando Magic who when given minutes has been just as good as Andersen/Varejao) Snagging one of those two would give the Wolves a very solid 3-pronged Front-line with Love and Jefferson where any two of the three could play well. Slot Jefferson in for 36-40 minutes, Love for 30-35 and 20-30 for Birdman/Sideshow Bob and you have arguably one of the top front-lines in the league all of the sudden.

This still is the plan, I think however based on Kahn saying he wants a group of 24-26 year olds Gortat would be the one to go after, which would work well as he is probably the most attainable. Personally I think signing Gortat would be a much better move than drafting Thabeet. I also think this item has been moved to #2 on the to do list which means that #2 is now #1…

2) A point guard: Certainly the team has a solid player in Randy Foye that some have argued is the teams point guard of the future. However looking at the breakdown of the Wolves 5-man units at 82games.com from this past season notice who the SG is on all of our best ones. Yes folks its Randy Foye. Honestly I’m conflicted on Foye. I think he’s comparable to Leandro Barbosa and Jason Terry and would be a great scoring 6th man guard that can play both 1+2 and would play starters minutes off the bench. Part of me says hes not the long-term solution at PG for the Wolves because I don’t see him creating for his teammates very often. The other side says that paired with the right back-court mate who can create his own shot to go along with a Big Man in Jefferson who is also good enough to score on his own and I think it could work out well with Foye at the point. I think that trading for Hinrich could work out quite well or drafting a player at #6 like Tyreke Evans who can create his own shot and get to the basket at will would also work well. Both players are bigger than Foye and could match up well with SG’s on defense. The other part of me (that says Foye should play SG) says the Wolves should be looking at Johnny Flynn at #6 who fills the role of a more traditional PG and would be an upgrade over Telfair.

I think this is #1 on the list now and I really think (and hope) Kahn is going to go get Rubio on Thursday. One of the big things I’ve been thinking about is that the Wolves desperately need a leader on this team. Think about it. Jefferson doesn’t seem vocal enough, Love is the hard working type of guy with a winning pedigree, and Foye is just not that guy (unlike Brandon Roy who is, sigh.) Foye really is somewhat of a disappointment across the board. (I don’t want to beat up on Foye as he definitely has skill and can play, but really he is average to good in everything and not great at anything in particular which is a hard piece to build around. Again a good 6th man but nothing more than that I don’t think. Ultimately based on what Kahn has been saying I think Foye’s days as a Wolf are numbered but if not I think he could thrive in the 6th man/sparkplug role and could even start at SG until the guy we take at #6 develops a bit.

As for what Rubio would bring to the team, (I’ll have more on what I think of him as a prospect tomorrow in the draft preview.) I really think he is the true pg this team needs. Not many pass first guys that trully make their teammates better come into this league with as much potential as Rubio. I think he’s the Wolves answer at the point.

If the Wolves fall short in getting Rubio I hope they can use a piece or two to improve the #18 pick or straight up add another pick in the 10-16 range to take Ty Lawson. I think Rubio has superstar potential but I also think Lawson has star written all over him. (I’m thinking the next Chauncey Billups) Again more on this tomorrow.

3) Athletic Scorers – Again the Wolves haven’t had an athletic scorer since Marbury left town. Drafting Evans, Flynn, or maybe Stephen Curry would change that. Don’t see a ton of trade options for a player that fits this mold either.

The good news? As I alluded to above I think the Wolves may be end Thursday night with two top 6 picks. Kahn should be able to move up to #2 to either straight up with Memphis or after an initial trade with the Wiz at #5 to add to their package without including #6. That would allow them to nab the atletic scorer they need with the #6 pick most likely in either Evans or Curry depending who’s left.

Other Considerations:

It’ll be interesting to see what Kahn does in his first month on the job and how he starts building the team and shaping it into his vision of a contender. Personally I think they should bring back McHale as coach for three reasons,1) he connects with the players well can commands their respect, 2) as a result of that connection he seems to do well developing players (especially big men), and 3) because really there aren’t that many better options available unless you can convince a guy like Jeff Van Gundy to come to Minny or sign away a top assistant like Tom Thibodeau from the Boston Celtics.

Well we’ve got our answer here. I’m not too upset about McHale leaving, (See here) although I think we could have lived with him as coach. As stated earlier I think Sam Mitchell who did well with a less than talented team in Toronto or Marc Jackson would be good choices and if they could get Terry Porter as an assistant that would be good too. (Not sure if he could/would take an assitant role as he is still getting paid by Phoenix quite a bit of money for half a season. Love how that works in this league.)

Looking Forward:

Since we all like to play GM here’s my stab at what I would try and realistically do this summer if I were running the Wolves:

1. Draft Tyreke Evans with the #6 pick in the NBA draft and B.J. Mullens with #18.
2. Trade #28 for a future first round pick.
3. Trade Mike Miller to the Bulls for Kirk Hinrich
4. Sign Chris Andersen, Anderson Varejao, or Marcin Gortat with the full-midlevel exception.

I don’t think anyone could disagree that every one of these moves is completely fathomable for the Wolves to be able to make this summer. The only thing that would need a little luck is being able to convince The Birdman or Varejao to sign with us. The Birdman probably prefers the mid-level in Denver if they offer it and Varejao may command slightly more than the MLE. That being said Gortat might be had by the Wolves with their full MLE.

With these moves the Wolves Depth Chart looks something like this with the percentage of minutes broken down:

PG: Kirk Hinrich (40%) / Sebastian Telfair (30%) / Randy Foye (20%) / Tyreke Evans (10%)
SG: Randy Foye (40%) / Tyreke Evans (25%) / Kirk Hinrich (20%) / Rodney Carney (15%)
SF: Ryan Gomes (33%) / Corey Brewer (33%) / Rodney Carney (33%)
PF: Kevin Love (40%) / Al Jefferson (30%) / Craig Smith (20%) / Ryan Gomes (10%)
Andersen/Varejao/Gortat (40%) / Al Jefferson (30%) / Kevin Love (20%) / B.J. Mullens (10%)

That’s a playoff teams folks! And a fairly good one at that. Notice also how the roles become more defined even and that we basically have a solid 3-player rotation both in the backcourt and in the frontcourt without giving up our flexibility? Then we can fill in at SF whatever player we need based on the matchups that night. This is a solid NBA team in my opinion that could compete in the West right away next year.

Ok here’s my updated plan of attack for the Wolves:

1. Trade Mike Miller to the Washington Wizards for the #5 pick and Mike James.

2. Trade #5, Craig Smith and a future top 10 protected 1st  to the Grizzlies for the #2 pick and Greg Buckner.

3. Use the #18 on the BPA (Best Player Available) Hopefully a guy like Earl Clark falls here.  The Wolves are said to have promised Austin Daye that they’ll take him if he’s available here and in Chad Ford’s latest mock draft he was available. Daye would seem to fit in with Kahn wanting to add shooters to the team. Mullens is still an option as well but may be gone.

4. Sign Marcin Gortat (Or Chris Andersen or Anderson Varejao if possible) with as much of the midlevel exception as necessary.

5. Hire Sam Mitchell as coach.

I don’t think anyone could disagree that every one of these moves is completely fathomable for the Wolves to be able to make this summer. The only thing that would need a little luck is being able to convince The Birdman or Varejao to sign with us. The Birdman probably prefers the mid-level in Denver if they offer it and Varejao may command slightly more than the MLE. That being said Gortat might be had by the Wolves with their full MLE.

With these moves the Wolves Depth Chart looks something like this with the percentage of minutes broken down:

PG: Ricky Rubio (50%) / Sebastian Telfair (25%) / Mike James (15%) / Randy Foye (10%)
Randy Foye (40%) / Curry/Evans (40%) / Rodney Carney (10%) / Greg Buckner (10%)
SF:  Corey Brewer (30%) / Austin Daye (30%) / Ryan Gomes (20%) / Rodney Carney (20%)
PF: Kevin Love (40%) / Al Jefferson (30%) / Ryan Gomes (30%)
Gortat (50%) / Al Jefferson (30%) / Kevin Love (20%)

That’s a playoff teams folks! And a fairly good one at that. Notice also how the roles become more defined even and that we basically have a solid 3-player rotation both in the backcourt and in the frontcourt without giving up our flexibility? Then we can fill in at SF whatever player we need based on the matchups that night. This is a solid NBA team in my opinion that could compete in the West right away next year.

Same thoughts here with this lineup. Probably a borderline playoff team this year with Rubio getting his feet wet and Curry/Evans also getting significant minutes.

That’s my State of the Wolves Part II right now, next up I’ll have a more in depth look at the draft and what the Wolves should look foron Thursday.

Feel free to leave your comments below or Twitter them to me @howlintwolf. Also I’m up and running over at Ball Hype as well so if you want to give me some love it’s always appreciated.

McHale OUT

You have to love technology right? This probably isn’t the way that David Kahn had planned to have everyone find out that McHale is not returning as the Wolves coach, but just before Midnight tonight Kevin Love posted this on his Twitter account: “Today is a sad day…Kevin McHale will NOT be back as head coach next season.”

And with that the Wolves coaching search begins (or so we think). Again I’d like to throw my vote out for Sam Mitchell to replace him and take over the reigns of this young Wolves team. I’ll have more on that later. (Side note: there’s a new poll up for you to voice your choice for the Wolves new coach –> )

As for McHale, could he stay on in some sort of player development capacity? It seems the players liked him and Jefferson said multiple times he learned more under McHale than anyone else.

In any case it will be a very interesting day for the Wolves tomorrow.

EDIT: T-Wolves blog has the letter Kahn sent via e-mail addressing the situation to Timberwolves Season Ticket holders.