Kevin Love: ZINGER!

Since Kevin Love is the only Timberwolf doing anything really noteworthy in this lock out, we’ll continue with the 3rd straight Howlin’ T-Wolf post about him.

From K-Love’s twitter:

Appreciate Jesse Rambis doing work on the beach volleyball courts this morning. Gotta say, he might be the best Rambis I’ve been coached by.

Naturally, Love clarified several minutes (and doubtless 450 billion replied tweets) later:

Haha I was being facetious people. Have nothing but love for the whole Rambis fam. You know this! #whysoserious

Definitely sounds like Kevin Love…throwing out a wicked burn that he didn’t really mean; one that went over the heads of most of his followers.

Still. My buddy and I may or may not have read that tweet, then stared at each other wide-eyed with “NO HE DIDN’T!” stares on our faces, before agreeing that it would absolutely be a mistake if I didn’t share both tweets on here. So, there you go.

Kevin Love and his Twitter account continue to entertain us all.

Free All-Star game trip!

Wanna head to the 2011 All-Star game??? Read the details here!

Starting tomorrow through Friday, January 28, all fans need to do is Tweet: I entered for chance to win #AmexSports trip to @NBA All-Star from @americanexpress. I’d bring [insert friend/family member]” to become eligible in the contest. There is a limit of one (1) entry per person/Twitter account per Entry Period.

During the Entry Period, the randomly selected winners will receive Two (2) round-trip flights and three (3) nights’ accommodations, which are included with the All-Star Entertainment Series Package prizes. Ground transportation and food and beverage are not included.

Try it out and hope for the best! Good luck, guys.


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